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Transcription / Transcription of Security Camera Videos

Max Language Solutions often deals with transcribing audio and video materials in various languages. Usually transcribing is a challenging process, as its duration and complexity may vary depending on the recording quality, i. e. absence or presence of noise or other distracting sounds in the recording, availability of subtitles (in case of video materials), the use of slang or unknown words by the speakers, and others. It takes about 4 hours to transcribe a good quality 1 hour audio or video material, on average. In case of low quality materials, this may take up to 8 times the time of the original; that is why transcribing is usually charged on an hourly rate.

We are proud of our extended portfolio of transcribing projects in various languages. One of our large projects comprised multiple videos with the total duration of about 160 hours. These were job interviews recorded by CCTV system at one of the offices of an international company. They also included negotiations about the benefits of the position offered. As the job was large, it was divided between several linguists working in the client’s proprietary video processing system for several months. The task was challenging, as it was not possible to use any other systems to speed up or slow down the parts required or to boost the volume.

The transcribing process at Max Language Solutions undergoes two stages – the very transcribing by one linguist and verification by another linguist to ensure there are no missing parts, that everything was conveyed appropriately, verify the timecodes (if any) and deliver the quality work to the client. All specialists involved have a great experience and knowledge in working with such texts. Therefore, the results are of uppermost quality and our clients are happy and satisfied with them.

Max Language Solutions works with translators who are native speakers. This ensures precise understanding of the recorded text and no mistakes while transcribing, as our specialists have excellent command of source languages. The cost of translation is optimal for our clients and lower than the average in the market, as our cooperation with translators is direct and without intermediaries.


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