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 As the world is becoming more open, it offers more opportunities and prospects. Today, if the condition of the medical system in one country does not allow someone to cure or diagnose a particular disease, the necessary equipment or medical care can be found abroad. On the other hand, the open world is also more exposed and vulnerable to various risks, such as dissemination of contagious diseases and spreading of epidemics, and, therefore, needs protection, which is implemented via regulations concerning the immunization status or health condition certification of foreign citizens entering a country.

Along with the development of medicine as a science integrating the findings of numerous national medical schools, the above are key factors in giving rise to the development of the market of medical translation. Medical translation is, perhaps, one of the most demanding areas for each translator, as it involves a high degree of shared responsibility for people’s lives and health.

Max Language Solutions offers translation services by professionals with both medical and linguistic qualifications. This way, we ensure that your document is correctly interpreted and precisely rendered. We have extensive experience in translating standard medical documents, such as immunization cards, prenatal records and all kinds of medical certificates, documents related to diseases, i.e. diagnosis materials or medical test results, as well as scientific medical articles and reports.

Another factor that contributes to the excellence of our translation services is the quality control procedures implemented by Max Language Solutions involving thorough proofreading as the second stage and final quality assurance and translation enhancement by applying specially designed software tools at the third stage. This combination of human and computer-assisted control helps us ensure the highest quality standards for each translation.

It is also worth mentioning that our translators are native speakers, as well as hold a university degree, which attests to their excellent qualifications.


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