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Court proceedings materials are the documents of paramount importance, since they determine the court rulings with regard to a particular case and the rights of the convicted. They contain the information concerning the following: what happened and why, what was proved and what is the court decision. Sometimes, when the court proceedings are held in a foreign country, even human life may depend upon correct translation.

At Max Language Solutions, we have an adequate understanding of this fact and do our best to provide our customers with the most appropriate translation solution. The court materials are filled with legal terms; likewise, they may contain the terminology from other domains, including but not limited to medical, economic, and technical. Thus, this type of translation requires maximum efforts, attention and care. Translators at Max Language Solution possess an extensive experience of translating such texts. We pay special attention to terminology, as any dubiousness is unacceptable for this type of texts. However, apart from that, our translators have a good understanding of the fact that stylistic intricacies, which are not a rarity in judicial documents, should also be rendered accurately and precisely. Judicial translation differs from other types of translation in that, apart from preciseness and objectiveness, often the differences between the legal systems of various countries are to be taken into account.

Max Language Solutions renders the translation services with a good understanding that not only the witnesses’ testimony should be rendered fully, but also separate words and punctuation marks should not be missed.

 Therefore, after translation by a professional translator, the texts undergo a thorough analysis by a professional lawyer, who verifies style and vocabulary, as the translation is regarded as a full-fledged equivalent of the original. Thus, such multi-stage text processing by highly qualified professionals ensures accuracy and adequacy of translation.


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