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Today, the global village offers unseen before opportunities for businesses to grow international, establish ties with foreign companies and advance your products and services abroad. However, to achieve these purposes, you will require language mediation services. Such services should be provided by the professionals, the partners you can trust and on whose experience and expertise you can capitalize, as in business translation a translator is not just a transmitter transferring a text from one language into another, but also a person, whom you can entrust your goodwill, trade secrets and company reputation.

The requirements to corporate translation include terminological accuracy, precise rendering of factual and numerical information, adherence to the stylistic conventions of a given text type, in-depth understanding of the linguistic formulae and their implications, as well as strict compliance with ethical regulations.

Max Language Solutions works with translators with broad expertise in corporate translation covering the entire spectrum of related documents ranging from diverse agreements such as contracts of delivery, partnership and cooperation agreements, foundation and registration documents to internal regulations and reports.

The business sphere is extremely dynamic and, therefore, timely performance of liabilities at every stage of the operation process is vitally important. We at Max Language Solutions pride ourselves on our excellent time and resource management system involving back-up mechanisms that make it possible to ensure that the translation will be done in time, even in case of the tight deadlines.

We also offer our clients a number of additional benefits. The most important of them is our quality assurance system that consists of proofreading at the initial stage and machine-aided verification and correction procedures. This combination of the human flexibility and vision and the accuracy and trustworthiness of specialized software ensures the excellent quality of our services.

Another important factor is our pricing policy. Max Language Solutions works directly with translators, which means that you pay to the people, who do the job, rather than a chain of agents. This allows us to keep the rates at a reasonable level.


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