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 As more and more countries started cooperating in various spheres, legal and judicial are not exceptions. Governments of different countries share their experience and knowledge with each other and train their officials in different countries to improve legal and judicial practices at the international level. This also helps develop and implement the global best practices domestically.

At Max Language Solutions we pride ourselves for an opportunity to become an intermediary in such program and translate training materials in judicial sphere for the governments of Canada, Ukraine and Russia for Judicial Partnership Project. The goal of the project is to continue strengthening the ongoing judicial reform in Ukraine and Russia and enhance the judiciary’s practical understanding and application of the principles of the rule of law, constitutionalism, judicial independence and impartiality. The project also aims to further strengthen the efficiency and the effectiveness of court practices of both the courts of general jurisdiction and the commercial courts dealing with tax disputes. Project activities focus on several main areas: Administration and Case Flow Management; Specialization of courts and judicial discretionary Powers; Courts Transparency and Court Relations with the Public, including increased awareness and appreciation of the work of the Constitutional Court; facilitation of judicial linkages between the High Courts of Ukraine, Russia and Canada.

The files we received for translation were training materials on development of judicial skills in the form of presentations. The files included training instructions, experience from the Canadian side, teaching of judges, a course on judgment writing, and introduction in Canadian judgment.

Max Language Solutions has a three-stage approach to translation texts processing, where the process of translation is only the first stage. The second one is proofreading for elimination of errors and inconsistencies. Then the text is processed using the specialized software – this is the Quality Assurance stage. This complex approach assures that the translation output we deliver to our client is of the premium quality. And this makes our customers satisfied and loyal to our company.

All translators working with us are native speakers and live in the relevant linguistic environment. They use their working languages in everyday speech – and this is a natural guarantee that their skills are constantly polished. Moreover, we cooperate with them directly, without intermediary agencies, and this explains our competitive prices for supreme translation quality.


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